Privacy policy

With us, transaction, it determines protection policy of personal information and acts for the appropriate use, management of personal information to deal with in duties. In addition, we try for the appropriate use, management about personal information in the company equally.

Privacy Policy

(1) We perform privacy policy in range necessary for our business (general affairs, personnel affairs to group companies, offer of commissioned business of the field of accounting).
(2) When we collect personal information, we make use purpose clear for the person and try for appropriate management.
(3) When we use personal information, we do not use personal information across use objective range. In addition, we take measures not to use out of the purpose.
(4) We do not offer personal information to third party unless we fix for law without obtaining the information-centered person's consent.
(5) When we entrust with privacy policy as far as it is necessary for the achievement of use purpose, we do that we perform appropriate management of personal information with precondition.